Our Partners 

IAMAS has assured the commercial rights of the innovations used in the parts of the factories it manufactures to its distributors .

Most parts of the factories are manufactured by OEM manufacturers and bear the IAMAS logo.

The generators and the rest of the electrical and electromechanical equipment that is installed around the plants are supplied at the best prices by well known branded companies affiliated with IAMAS and each bear their respective manufacturer's guarantees and logos.

For the production of electricity, IAMAS uses power plants manufactured by Caterpillar Inc.

In Greece and Bulgaria the power generators are supplied by the company ELTRAK SA.

For lithium battery power storage systems we represent ENERGON Advanced Energetics, s.r.o. in Greece, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

For the large hybrid Lithium and Ultracapacitor high performance Power Storage systems, IAMAS Technologies Ltd cooperate with the Enertube Ltd company.

For the procurement of materials and for the construction of the interconnection facilities of the factories with the public electricity grid (medium voltage substations, uninterrupted power supply systems), IAMAS is commercially linked to the company VPOWER CO.

For pumps, pumping systems and turbine systems we have chosen to cooperate with the Czech manufacturer SIGMA Group.

In the part of the plant that has the patented fractional depolymerization technology for converting plastic and old used oils or tanks to solid and high-grade oil , IAMAS is a member of the German research firm and is legally contracted with researchers and Holders of these technology patents.
IAMAS has the exclusive commercial technology rights in the world market.

Other proposed innovations or patented processing technologies are available from researchers and co-operating manufacturers with whom IAMAS has commercial exclusivity.

IAMAS has the right to trade its commercial rights, patent licenses and/or the production rights of its parts of its factories.

Within the multinational commercial development of our company in the EU and in the rest of the world, we choose our representatives in each country using the strictest of standards.

Our dealers obtain from IAMAS all the commercial rights, the commercial protection license and the necessary certifications to support the development of IAMAS plants in their country.

In order to better support its products in the local markets, IAMAS installs itself and acquires a physical presence in every country that manufactures its factories or has sold the commercial rights to a local dealer.

IAMAS is a trading name of IAMAS Technologies Ltd. The company IAMAS Technologies Ltd is registered in England and Wales with company number 11842459, the Registered office address is on 269 Farnborough Road Farnborough, London. Post Code: GU14 7LY.