Our main commercial purpose is to spread modern and innovative waste management technologies to every corner of the earth. 

In the new waste management market, our ongoing research in areas such as the evolution of existing technologies and our persistence in creating new ones is the best guarantee we could give our customers for the future. Together with our partners, we respond to the challenges of good waste management, efficient recycling and mass production of non-fossil energy.

With our technological superiority, we are able to save raw materials and energy resources and we are implementing even more effective ways to manage waste by contributing intelligently and efficiently to the protection of the environment.

In the context of the expansion of commercial activities in the international market, IAMAS follows the commercial policy of exclusive distribution and distribution of its innovative goods in all countries.

In each country, exclusive distributors of IAMAS products claim the largest share of the waste management market due to the integrated solutions offered by our technology.

The multinational commercial network of IAMAS has a transparent and flexible structure. Sales policy is organized both centrally and collectively in cooperation with the exclusive distributors of each country to provide specialized solutions wherever needed. The distribution of the exclusive distribution licenses for IAMAS products is made through the authorized partners or directly from the IAMAS head office.

Exclusive distribution licenses for all of the countries are available directly from IAMAS via the IAMAS Technologies Ltd General Directorate.

Director: Dimitrios Iatrou.

IAMAS is a trading name of IAMAS Technologies Ltd. The company IAMAS Technologies Ltd is registered in England and Wales with company number 11842459, the Registered office address is on 269 Farnborough Road Farnborough, London. Post Code: GU14 7LY.